Content for Custom WordPress Themes

You’re looking at the front-end of my website: it’s the visitor-facing version that’s meant to give you information about me and what I do. But to enter all that information, there’s also a back-end, hidden behind a login screen, where I entered the content you’re reading now. continue

category: strategy

Fun with 404s

Website 404 pages are often an afterthought, tersely warning users the page they wanted wasn’t found. What a waste! For years now, I’ve been secretly injecting humor into 404 pages for the site’s I’ve built. continue

category: news

Building Fast WordPress Websites

WordPress sometimes gets a bad rap for being slow, but with strategic early planning, a knowledgeable testing approach, and practical performance adjustments, WordPress can be quite fast. continue

category: strategy

Aqua SVG Sprite Plugin

SVG image sprites allow you to add sharp, fast-loading images to your sites with all the flexibility you’d expect from the SVG format, but they can be time consuming or complicated to generate. No more! Enter the Aqua SVG Sprite WordPress plugin. continue

category: development