* Unless you’re building a hover car. In that case, hurry up: we’ve been promised those things for years…



Unsplash provides free high-resolution, very high quality stock photos, so you may see some of their works on this site. Check them out! (They also have a cool placeholder tool called Unsplash It that I use in prototyping, and I highly recommend that service).


Sailboat on a windowsill (well, a toy one anyway)

Google Fonts

Google Fonts provides free webfonts plus a convenient CDN service. I’m using Signika for headings and Vollkorn for body type on this site. Check them out!


Google Fonts




The Noun Project

The noun project takes a unique approach to addressing the need to search for icons. Check them out!

  • External Link by Astonish from the Noun Project


Noun Project logo