Who’s This Guy?

Hi, I’m Tomas (yep, without an ‘h’), and I’ve been building websites since 2002. My company Aquamarine focusses on concocting custom websites built on WordPress, a platform I love for providing flexible and easily maintainable sites for my clients. Of course, the fact that WordPress’ code and community are so fun to work as a developer doesn’t hurt either…

– h

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Headshot of Tomas Mulder

Some Websites I Worked On

I’ve been involved with some pretty substantial websites—allow me to name-drop a little.

I’d love to brag about how I built your next amazing website sometime soon. If you’re looking for an expert hand with your project, get in touch with Aquamarine and let’s think what’s possible!

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Katrina K. said of the Norris Design web development project:

Tomas was fantastic to work with from beginning to end. He was incredibly responsive and timely with addressing any questions we had throughout the entire process. He offered unique solutions and figured out several new features for us to showcase on our site which really makes it stand out from the rest.

Asked her thoughts on the Aquamarine portfolio, Judith M. said:

It’s perfect! You’re perfect!