Who’s This Guy?

Hi, I’m Tomas (yep, without an ‘h’), and I’ve been building websites since 2002. My company Aquamarine focusses on concocting custom websites built on WordPress, a platform I love for providing flexible and easily maintainable sites for my clients. Of course, the fact that WordPress’ code and community are so fun to work as a developer doesn’t hurt either…

– h

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Headshot of Tomas Mulder

Some Websites I Worked On

I’ve been involved with some pretty substantial websites—allow me to name-drop a little.

I’d love to brag about how I built your next amazing website sometime soon. If you’re looking for an expert hand with your project, get in touch with Aquamarine and let’s think what’s possible!

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Laura P. says:

Tomas is a true professional and joy to work with. He is highly skilled at his craft and was able to easily accommodate all of our design requests. If we were ever unsure of a feature, he did not hesitate to offer advice, suggestions and outcomes for our available options. On top of his expertise, his dedication to the project timeline and communication is unparalleled allowing us to reach deadlines efficiently.

MR H. was commenting on some slick animation demos when she noted:

Sweet! The new expansions are so smooth — looks like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire dancing one of their best routines! Thanks, Tomas.