1.0Overviewso, basically...

Epic wanted a website reflecting the quality of their job placement services. Working off designs from Groundwrk, I developed a WordPress site that pulled in jobs from the Loxo jobs API. I added many quirky on-scroll animations, and employed the block editor to make content editing highly flexible.



  • Employed the WordPress block editor for flexible content editing.
  • Connected with Loxo job boards API to bring job posts into WordPress.
  • Used the powerful GreenSock animation library for unique on-scroll animations.

2.0Special Highlightslet me draw your attention to...

2.1Building Block (Editor)

My client wanted a highly flexible content editing experience for the site, so I built it using WordPress’s block editor (often referred to as Gutenberg). The block editor provides a back-end editing experience that looks a lot like the front-end that customers actually visit, making it easy to see how content changes you make will look.

In addition, most blocks have numerous options (like alignment, text color, background color, layout, etc.), so it’s easy to reuse one block in a variety of different aesthetic configurations. The result is a little complex to work with, but very powerful and customizable. If you’re interested in learning more, check out my blog post on content for custom WordPress themes.

3.0Technicalfor the geeks

3.1Moving Mountains

There were a lot of little animations on this site, many of which I used the GreenSock animation library to achieve. GreenSock offers a method called ScrollTrigger that essentially scrubs through animations like a video as you scroll—it’s really powerful! One of my favorites (and one of the blocks that was hardest to build into Gutenberg) was the very subtle but eye-catching mountain animation featured in many hero sections and elsewhere throughout the site.