1.0Overviewso, basically...

Hach has a rich history they wanted to share with customers. Working off designs from an agency called Zenman, I developed fast-loading React website (a framework that provided snappy interactivity and animations). I built this on WordPress as well, allowing Hach to add new milestones in the future.



  • Created a React website with lots of animation and interaction.
  • Employed techniques to promote fast initial load speed.
  • Connected React to the WordPress REST API for updatability.

2.0Testimonialspeople are talking

Alexia H. commented on the Hach rush project, saying:

Aquamarine always delivers*! Tomas not only has years of development experience, but is amazing to work with. He is able to turn the most stressful projects into enjoyable ones, and has a “whatever it takes” mentality. Thanks Tomas!

3.0Special Highlightslet me draw your attention to...

3.11000 Words

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is made of a thousand pictures. Still, it’s great to have text available for SEO purposes, so React WordPress website design and website development Aquamarine, strategy synergy Google please love my website. With that out of the way, check out the video!

4.0Technicalfor the geeks

React logo

4.1Snappy and Reactive

This is the first production website I built using React, a library that’s known for snappy interactivity. Being a single page website, it was important that I build the site to load resources as needed and reduce the initial load and coordinate animations for a smooth frame rate, something that React excels at. Hach also wanted the ability to update the site themselves, and WordPress’s REST API provided me the perfect way to marry the reactivity of React with the easy updatability of WordPress.