1.0Overviewso, basically...

Groundwrk wanted an attention-grabbing way to pitch their web work, so I turned their unique gridless design into a beautiful WordPress site. I also created my own tab/accordion feature to reveal content, and crafted a distinctive blog post loading feature to allow perusing from the home page.



  • Built upon a highly non-standard, gridless layout.
  • Developed unique tab/accordion content feature.
  • Brought blog to single page site with unique post loading feature.

2.0Special Highlightslet me draw your attention to...

2.1Morphing Magic Trick

The client wanted something unique for visiting the featured post on the home page rather than simply having users be whisked away to the blog post itself, so I built a “post morphing” feature that loads the featured article right on the home page in a quirky manner.


I always try to get something funny on the 404 page (the page that appears if the page requested wasn’t found on the server), but I think this is the most apt example I’ve come up with to date. Have a look at the full animation on CodePen.

Feel free to visit the other sites I’ve had a hand in building to spot my other cheesy 404 humor 😛

404 page developed for Groundwrk

3.0Technicalfor the geeks

3.1Cake and Eat It Too

Traditionally it’s been a bit difficult to get accordions at mobile to transform into tabs at desktop without a lot of ugly JavaScript, since the former requires titles directly preceding content while the latter separates them. But with a little help from flexbox (and, yes, just a little absolute positioning to match the design), I was able to focus my JavaScript efforts on a unique hover effect instead of DOM manipulations.

Tab/accordion feature developed for Groundwrk