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WordPress Websites

My specialty is creating custom WordPress websites. I’ve been building on WordPress since version 3.0.1, which came out in 2010 (that’s centuries in web years!).

I’ve discovered this platform is easy for my clients to use without sacrificing the ability for me to add the powerful, customized functionality that sets my work apart from mere theme tweaking or bloated site builders.

And More!

I build headless WordPress sites with Gatsby, and also work with a variety of other platforms like Shopify, HubSpot CMS, and React. WordPress is a great solution for a wide variety of applications, but I’ll never try to force WordPress into a project when it’s not a good fit. And, if something’s not quite in my wheelhouse, I know a lot of other freelancers and agencies that might be a better fit for your project—I’d be happy to introduce you!

Project Highlight – Hach

Hach has a rich history they wanted to share with customers. Working off designs from an agency called Zenman, I developed fast-loading React website (a framework that provided snappy interactivity and animations). I built this on WordPress as well, allowing Hach to add new milestones in the future.


  • Created a React website with lots of animation and interaction.
  • Employed techniques to promote fast initial load speed.
  • Connected React to the WordPress REST API for updatability.
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Project Highlight – Norris Design

The design team at Norris Design wanted development assistance and advice for their new site. Providing expert input along the way, I built a modular WordPress site, matching designs and allowing for significant page reconfiguration for future pages (without requiring a bloated page builder plugin).


  • Partnered with design team to code their designs into reality.
  • Provided expert advice from a dev’s perspective on many features.
  • Built on WordPress with many modular options for building new pages.
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Let’s Get Started

Ready to get started with your project? Let’s chat! I’d love to discuss how Aquamarine can help build a site that conveys your unique message to the world. There are a lot of options out there—let me show you how I’d approach your distinct set of challenges and opportunities. I’m a thinker, so throughout the process we’ll be strategically considering the goal of each section of each page to get your message out to your audience, accurately and beautifully. Ready? Okay, let’s go!

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